Website Maintenance Packages

How does it all work?

Many of you have got your website, it’s up and running. But does it need some love from time to time? Do you have an online store but don’t have time to get your new products up, or remove the old ones? Maybe you need a new page, or text edits, even blog posts put up!

Paying a web designer to do these updates on an ad hoc basis can cost upwards of $120 per hour. With a website maintenance package, you pay a set amount each month, get 3 hours worth of updates for your money, and the hourly rate becomes a lot more affordable!

My website maintenance package has no minimum term, maybe you only need a few things done, take the package for 1 month! Pretty easy really! It does cover the following:

  • Add or remove products in your online store
  • Add or update galleries
  • Add or edit text to existing pages
  • Create new pages
  • Add or remove images to any pages or slideshows
  • Menu changes
  • Blog posts

It doesn’t inlcude:

  • Copywriting or editing such as creating headlines, service pages, or proofreading content.
  • Design work such as graphic design, image/icon sourcing, new page layouts, or creating mockups.
  • Development work that is more complex such as Javascript/PHP changes, building new page designs, editing plugin/theme code, and any large-scale projects such as adding new features or functionality to your site.

Maybe you need a little more than or less than 3 hours? Get in touch and I can tailor something to your needs.